Thursday, October 13, 2011


     I just have to  mention two really cool things.

     First is the site for the A&E's adaptation for Stephen King's Bag Of Bones mini-series starring Pierce Brosnan. As a lot of my friends know I love Stephen King's fictional works, so much so that I'm trying to collect all of his books in first print hardcover edition. Don't think I'll actually get them all, but it's a nice goal. And if anyone wants to sell a copy of Stephen King's The Colorado Kid for somewhat cheap, just get in touch with me! But anyway the site site is kinda creepy and has the right amount of mystery to it to make you want to know what's going on. Let's just hope they keep the connection to the dark series in there! The link is below for the site!

Bag Of Bones

     And the last one is there's a new Sam short out that is just perfect for the outcast in all of us that wanted a friend when we were younger but no one could be bothered. Love it! The video is below!

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