Monday, July 30, 2012




     With the sequel to the book, Doctor Sleep coming out in January, some one in Hollywood has the bright idea to make a prequel. And yes, that was sarcasm coming from my fingertips. So anyway, the prequel will focus on Jack Torrence's life before he and his family get to the Outlook Hotel. Hmmm......I believe he was drunk and somewhat violent with his family.


     Those that have my updates know that Hannibal is one of the shows I've been looking forward to in the fall. Well now, another cast member has joined the crew. Laurence Fishburne joins as FBI profiling chief Jack Crawford, who was played by Scott Glenn in Silence of the Lambs. I have to say this series just got even more watchable to me now.


     I love Peter Jackson as a director, yet I cannot get around the fact that he is making The Hobbit a trilogy now. I can easily see the film being able to fill two films. The rumor has it that the third film is going to be filled with stuff from the appendixes from the end of Return of the King. The only one that could actually be used for film would be from Appendix B, anything else would be really boring. And yes, I am pissed about this. I think we can all agree this is just a ruling from the studio to try and make more money.


     And the start of the fall television season is fast approaching and the first show to start is the return of Grimm on August 13th.


     The first Silent Hill film came out in 2006 to less than positive reception. I myself went and saw it in theaters and own it on DVD and still like the film. It was dark, weird, and creepy and I cannot wait to see the sequel. To help get you ready the full first trailer is out and you can check it out below. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Directed by James Cullen Bressack

Sloane Morgan Siegel - Alex
Maggie Wagner - Melissa
Greg Depetro - Dan

     A family is held hostage by sadistic home intruders.

     Director James Bressack got in touch with me about his film, asking me if I wanted to review it. I just cannot say no when a director gets in touch with me about their work. Yet this one came with a couple of requests, mainly do not talk about the plot, which I agreed to. After watching the movie I understand why and the plot is really all anyone needs to know before going in to watch this.

     One of the stipulations to do this review was to not talk to much about the characters also. This leaves me in a tight spot because films live and die with their characters and what drives them and the actors and actresses behind them. For the most part the acting was above average which actually surprised me about Hate Crime. That's not to say everyone did a amazing job. Some of the acting goes back and forth from where did this come from to I actually wasn't expecting that from this actor. Ian Roberts to me was the stand out actor in this to me as his character did stick out the most. At first I hated his acting in this, and not his character, but his acting. Yet toward the end of the movie Roberts acting was just heads above the rest of the cast. I can't say why this is, but it explains so much about his character. But there is also a down side for the acting as well and that was Debbie Diesel's acting. For the most past she does fairly well, yet one scene was just so badly overacted that the only thing I was thinking was just shut up. I wish I could explain more or what this scene entailed but I can't. But for those that are able to see the film will probably know what I'm talking about.

     I wish I could say I liked the film more than I did, but I can't say that and I won't. My biggest problem with it was that it's another found footage type movie. I think that this sub-genre is being over used and it's a quick and cheap way to make a film. Due to this Hate Crime suffers the usual staples of it as well. Unsteady picture to loss of action from it. The only time that the camera stays still is when there is a actual story driven moment which I was happy about when it happened. Another drawback to the whole found footage film is the audio, as to keep it as true as possible to found footage the audio has to sound way off to completely so far above peeking that when someone speaks you can't understand what their saying. The subject matter of Hate Crime is something the viewer is not expecting when it starts even though the name of the film hints at it. Another hit against Hate Crime is that you really don't care about most of the characters which is the biggest flaw, in that you are not giving enough time getting to know them. I'll give director James Bressack a hand though for trying to do something with depth, even if it did fail in the end. 

     James Bressack's father is three time Emmy Award Winner Gordon Bressack.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Directed by Christopher Nolan'

Christian Bale - Bruce Wayne/ Batman
Tom Hardy - Bane
Anne Hathaway - Selina Kyle/ Catwoman

     Eight years on, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham's finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy.

     The final of director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is here. Compared to the other films in the series, the promo material for it such as TV spots and trailers, even print ads, were a lot more low key. This isn't really a bad thing as not a lot of information is out about the film. Yet the one thing that is hanging over the film is the film before it, The Dark Knight. Can this film get out from under the shadow of that film, as it will have to, to make sure it can stand on it's own.

     Let me start out by saying that all the actors and actresses were firing on all cylinders in this film. Christian Bale has always done a good job playing dual roles. One as Bruce Wayne and the other, the more true character, Batman. Bale gives his usual gravely voice speeches that we have grown accustomed to over the past seven years he has been portraying Batman. Yet most of the film centers on Bruce Wayne and Bale is more than up for it. Anne Hathaway, who plays Selena Kyle and Catwoman, adds a another character that fits perfectly into Gotham City. Michael Caine though plays the heart of the film. Caine as Alfred Pennyworth has always stated the facts straight to Bruce Wayne and it's no different this time. Like Batman and Commissioner Gordon, Caine's character has been carrying around a secret for the past eight years and it has eaten him alive the whole time and when the secret comes out it destroys Bruce but frees Pennyworth. Yet the stand out performance in this was Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake, who adds a youthfulness that is missing from the rest of the movie.

     I'm not going to ruin the film by saying what happens at the end and I try to stay away from doing that in my reviews unless I cannot think of no other way around it. Thankfully with this film I don't have that problem. What I will talk about is Bane. Bane in the comic was the one person that completely broke Bruce Wayne and Batman. And that happens here as well almost in the exact same way with Batman. The breaking of Bruce Wayne though is what drives the first two thirds of the film. From the ruinations of Wayne Enterprises to the loss of his one true friend and confidant, Wayne is taken apart piece by piece as the film moves forward. While with The Dark Knight, the Joker was all about chaos, and you can even say that the Joker was a force of nature in that movie, Bane is a completely different beast all together. Bane was all about planning and deception, a terrorist, which is more in line with Batman Begins villian, Ra's al Gul. In fact this is the conclusion of storyline started with that film. To say more about it than that is to ruin a major plot development later in the film. If there was one flaw with the film though it is Bane as well. Not the character or his action, but his speech. The reason why is because even in an IMAX theater, which is the only true way to see this, some of Bane's dialogue is not understandable and garbled.

     Now I'm going to geek out a little bit and talk about one the things I love about the film and that's the Batpod, or that cool as hell bike. Every time that bike took a corner or had to turn around quickly and the wheels became unlocked and then start spinning a smile crossed my face over how cool it was. The action is more intense in this film than the other Batman films and that is what most people will more than likely go and see this for and if they do and only pay attention to that they will miss what makes these movies so special and different. The main reason to go and see this is to be involved in the story as this film is story driven more than anything else and that is where these films have shined the most. In the character study of what drives these people we have come to know. And their insanity that motivates them. The best example of this is Bruce Wayne in this film. As he starts out broken already, or so he thinks he has sunk as low as he could go, only to find out that he was wrong on every level.

     Director Christopher Nolan has always been a competent director from his first full film Following and has improved with each and every film he has made. This is due to his ability to focus on the human aspect of the characters more that the action. The action is there to help move the film along but it is not the motivation for the characters. It's trying to do what is right no matter what happens. Don't get me wrong though, there is action in here and the third act is almost all out action on a scale Nolan has never done before. Nolan though hits it so far out of the park when the action does start that it's just amazing and thanks to the camera staying on the action and following it it just makes it seem more grand.Yes, people will say that The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are political movies. Yes there is commentary in there about politics but it is just a background to the main story. For a final act in a trilogy this is a perfect way to end the series as all plots are wrapped up and there isn't a single person left out at the end. In the end all I can say about The Dark Knight Rises is go and watch it and enjoy it, for Nolan has again made a film that is far above others.


     Christian Bale has stated that he would not play Batman if Robin appeared anywhere in the trilogy. Christopher Nolan agreed not to include Robin as it would undermine the dark tone of his series.

     Cillian Murphy as Jonathan Crane or Scarecrow is the only Batman film villain in recent years to appear in all three films.

     According to Christopher Nolan, Bane was chosen as the film's main antagonist "to test Batman mentally as well as physically."

     At 165 minutes long, this is the longest Batman film released to date.

     Tom Hardy described Bane as an absolute terrorist: "He's brutal, but also incredibly clinical in the fact that he has a result-based and oriented fighting style. The style is heavy-handed, heavy-footed... it's nasty. It's not about fighting, it's about carnage!"

Friday, July 20, 2012


     I'm going to make a statement here. Now just listen to me.


     Yes, what happened in Colorado is terrible and I feel for all the people hurt or that was killed  and the family of the victims, but do not stay locked in doors huddled in fear. Bad things happen, and always will. If you do stay at home it shows that fear has won, which is what some people want to happen.

     Already the shooting is being used to further political machinations for fear mongers and their flock.

     The movie didn't cause this to happen.

     The gun didn't cause this to happen.

     One person caused this to happen, and only one and his state of mind.

     Not society.

     And no, a more religious secular upbringing wouldn't have helped either.

     Don't be scared. Get out, have fun. And if you do get to see the Dark Knight Rises, enjoy it for what it is.

     An escape and a film. Nothing else!

Jason Bonton

Friday, July 13, 2012




     With the San Diego Comic Con in full swing now news is flowing like blood from Jason's machete, it's fitting to start with this story. Neil Gaiman who become famous worldwide with the success of Sandman, Gaiman has announced that there will be another Sandman series focusing on how the King of Dreams was captured in the very first issue of the series. I have one word about this. Sold!


     Well it seems like everyone was wrong about who the villain of the next Trek movie will be. Thanks to Karl Urban the surprise was ruined when he mentioned that it wasn't Khan (KKKKKHHHHHAAAAAAANNNNNNN!) but actually Benedict Cumberbach will be playing Gary Mitchell from the original series, which I think is even cooler than Khan. For spilling the beans, every time someone asks Urban about Star Trek he has to put a piece of tape over his mouth with the word Dredd over it. See below if you don't believe me!


     Speaking of Karl Urban, Dredd 3D had it's premiere at the SDCC and word is that it's super violent, gory, and just plain bad ass. As a bonus to all that, it is said that it's fun also. Can't wait!


     And now some sad news. Mads Mikkelsen is out of Thor 2 due to his schedule with Hannibal. Damn.


     Now one of the cooler stories breaking out of SDCC, Daniel Radcliffe has got the role of Ig in Alexandre Aja' adaption of the Joe Hill novel about a man who wakes one morning with horns protruding from his forehead and the power to influence people to do evil. Again Radcliffe is going in a much darker direction with his acting and taken on much darker roles and I'm on board for it.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Episodes 9-12
Directed by Koichiro Hatsumi

     With a renewed resolve to escape, Ganta allies himself with Scar Chain in hopes of freedom not knowing that everything is going to someone else's plan.

     So here we are at the end of the series. I myself thought this was a good way to do the review for this series as each episode got a breakdown of the major plot points and I tried to highlight the major underlining of each of the more dense ones as well, which I hope helped you that have read the reviews out. So now that I've taken enough of your time with my blabbering, let us finish the series and this set of reviews for Deddoman Wandarando.


     After taking care of the guards in the control room, Nagi finds out he's been double crossed by Rokudo who keeps him from releasing the elevator to help free the rest of Scar Chain. As Nagi is about to start attacking Rokudo, a little girl shows up. Nagi quits his attack to save her seeing the violence that's about to happen, only to find out that her name is Hibana Daida and that she's a Undertaker. As Nagi goes for Rokudo again Hibana attacks him with a extending broad sword slamming him into a wall. Hibana goes into that each Undertaker carries a item that neutralizes the users Branches Of Sin. She then starts to torture Nagi by slicing off strips of flesh while teasing him that he's a bad man. Nagi then provokes Hibana which ends up with her cutting off his arm, which gives Nagi the edge he needed to take out both Hibana and Rokudo and release the elevator that his friends are waiting for.  With the elevator released the hopes of Ganta are raised only to be crushed by the arrival of Undertakers on the elevator, which then proceed to kill off most of the group Ganta is with. At this point with only a handful of survivors left the Undertakers leave unexpectedly. Just as Ganta is about to board the elevator, Shiro shows up and snatches the memory chip Ganta has, and throws it onto a fire destroying it.


     After destroying the memory chip, Ganta hits Shiro telling her he doesn't want to see her again and walks off with the survivors of the Undertakers in defeat, leaving Shiro to wonder what happened. While this is going on Warden Mikuni breaks into Tamaki's office and finds some of the evidence she was searching for, only to be interrupted by Tamaki talking to the Japanese Defense Secretary about how the Deadman will be ready on time and that the results will be very pleasing. This only raises more questions for Mikuni as she finds out that there are weapons in her prison.  As Ganta and the remaining Scar Chain members make it back to their bar, they find Karako at the door happy to see they survived. Rokudo then shows up with Undertakers mad that his bomb didn't kill them all and orders everyone to be killed starting with Ganta who realizes that he can't do anything. Crow then walks in looking for a fight and seeing the perfect opportunity to do just that after Rokudo lets slip that he was the one that doctored the footage of Ganta at his trial and that the Undertakers' weapons is based on vibrations. Crow then decimates the Undertakers with a sonic blade and leaves telling everyone that he doesn't want to escape as it's the same outside as it is inside. 

     This episode sets up the rest of the series as it shows that Ganta has just been lucky to survive so far and that he's not as powerful as he thought he was and his growing frustration with Shiro which comes into play latter on. Crow is also set up to be a major player later as it shows that there is  a lot more going on with him than what is shown. It is also important to note that Toto "Mockingbird" Sakigami is introduced.


     Ganta hating himself for being helpless in front of the Undertakers, rushes to Crow to teach him how to fight which Crow laughs at but agrees to. Karako and the rest of Scar Chain decide to escape again but this time without all the stealth. It's at this point that we learn that Nagi was the one who helped Kararko feel more at ease with herself while showing that he himself is quite insane. Karako then precedes to commandeer a Undertakers uniform to break into their office once she finds out that Nagi is being tortured. Toto at this time introduces himself to Ganta to Crow's disgust and trepidation after Toto licks some of Crows blood and says that he wants to play with the two of them but Crow tells him to go away as they don't have time for games. Genkaku at this time keeps drugging Nagi trying to cure him of his insanity, to release the real Nagi as he calls it. He then precedes to tease Nagi about killing his wife while his daughter was still in her womb and that he wanted him after he saw the rampage Nagi went afterwards. Shiro shows up drunk in front of a group of Undertakers who is saved by Karako in disguise only to be captured by Genkaku who tells her that he knows her voice and that it's useless trying to escape. Genkaku then announces to all of G Block that he plans on killing his prisoners just as Ganta completes his training and rushes off to save Shiro and Karako only to be stopped by Nagi.

     This episode is of interest as it shows that most of the inmates in G Block use insanity to escape their tortured lives and when that insanity is taken away the pain that it was hiding comes out in the most deadly way.


     Nagi goes on a rampage attacking anyone he sees thanks to Genkaku's torture which turned him into nothing more than a beast. The Undertakers are killed one by one by Nagi's power which he's using like bombs all the while Genkaku is in complete ecstasy at the death and blood flowing around him. Nagi goes for the kill on Shiro who had both her legs broken only to be stopped by Ganta who takes repeated punishment to protect her. Karako then rings the bell that she keeps around her neck by accident which causes Nagi to come to his senses and is horrified by what he has done. As Karako goes to Nagi to reassure him, she is stabbed by Genkaku for ruining his fun and taking away his pet. During all the commotion Hibana escapes in the corriders of G Block only to run into Toto who then uses Crow's ability to kill her for no reason except to try out his new power. Nagi at seeing his friends hurt rushes to attack Genkaku only to have a hole blown through his stomach by him instead. Genakaku then proceeds to announce that he plans on killing everyone now and that no one can stop him. At this Shiro's legs repair theirself automatically and she stands, smiles and switches to her Wretched Egg personalitly. Ganta steps forward touching Shiro's shoulder and says her won't allow it and the right side of his body starts glowing in places almost like armor and releases a new type of attack killing Genkaku and blowing out the wall behind him. With escape possible Ganta decides to stay to watch out for his friends that are stuck at Deadman Wonderland and apologizes to  Shiro and promises her that he won't leave her. Toto is then shown in the old Directors office commenting how interesting Ganta is.

     Deddoman Wandarando was one of the more interesting animes I've seen in a long time. Event though a lot of story is crammed into the last six episodes, it was never presented in a way to confuse as all aspects was explained. The one thing I really didn't like was the back stories of he various Undertakers only to have them killed within minutes of explaining why they are the way they are. Other than that the series showed so much potential to continue on past episode 12 as multiple story lines are set in place. But for what is there, it is more than worth watching as it shows a more mature level of story telling than what is on air here the states and nothing is played out for laughs, except for a flower pot thrown at Crow by accident. If you have a way of watching Cartoon Network on Saturday nights you can watch the back half of the series right now, and it should start a repeat of the complete series starting in about six weeks.

     High speed multi-amputation.

     Anyone that hasn't gone crazy in this hole is delusional. The Undertakers welcome your insanity!

     Season 1 of the anime covers the first 21 chapters of the manga.

     The manga is an hiatus as the creator is on maternity leave.