Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Well another change might be coming soon for a friend of mine and me. We're going to be getting together Friday to discuss what might be. So, yes I am still around.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Here's a press release I received recently for the Danish film Escaping The Dead. I'll add in the trailer at the end of the release.

"Escaping the Dead" is inspired by a series of articles about the deathdrug "Krokodil" that was published about the same period of time when Ronald Poppo had his face eaten by a naked man hooked on bathsalt in Miami. It is the perfect zombie plot: a deathdrug that turns people into zombies.
The film has its starting point in a typical day for the lead character, David. David is the local marihuana pusher, but he is the kind of dealer that smokes more than he sells. In the meantime the country has been hit by a new deathdrug and when David and his partner in crime Ahmir is offered some exceptionally cheap cocaine they see it as an opportunity to earn big money at the big techno concert the following Friday, but the cocaine turns out to have a terrible side effect that creates a giant zombie outbreak that spreads across the entire Copenhagen. In the film we follow David and his bloody fight out of the city.

Directed by Martin Sonntag and Bastian Brinch Pedersen, the film stars Bastian Brinch Pedersen (who is also the co-director and producer of the film) as David, Rama Øzel as Ahmir, along with Daniel Hutera, Ali Öezkan, Iben Ma Bønnelycke, Nicolai Huan Nguyen, Camilla Ludvigsen and Kim Sønderholm ("Blood Fare", "The Winedancers", "Sinister Visions") playing Lars the policeman.

The attached picture is a still picture taken from the film showing Bastian Brinch Pedersen and Kim Sønderholm, being exhausted from escaping a horde of zombies and having finally found a safe resting place. Or is it?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Below is a link to my interview with Pat Mills I did for Mass Movement Magazine. For those that do not know who this is will more than likely know of his work and creations. To name a few there is Judge Dredd and ABC Warriors. Please enjoy.

Pat Mills interview

Monday, February 3, 2014

I was thinking about last nights Sherlock season final and why the end was so good to make me cheer. It was because the whole episode is so tense that the one break in the middle with Christmas at the Holmes house was the only really light hearted part in the whole hour and a half. After being thoroughly disgusted by Mags and the all the mental anguish he puts everyone through by being a bully that no one can touch, including us the viewer, having someone playful back was what broke the tension that was putting us through a wringer that really never let up until then. 

To me this was the best episode of the whole series so far and if this continues next season whenever it comes out will be amazing.

Thursday, January 30, 2014



I change the look of the blog and it goes from being seen by almost a hundred people a day to ZERO in two days. I think the site looks better now because of it. What are your thoughts everyone. Let me know.

Anyway, on to what I have cooking up for reviews and everything. I have done my first interview for Mass Movement Magazine and it was with Pat Mills. If you do not know who this is he helped create 2000 AD, Judge Dredd, and Slaine, just to name a few things he had his hand in. It should be up by tomorrow.

I also have another interview coming up with another comic professional, which I'll wait till it is done before I say who it is.

 So just wanted to give an update. Some of the companies I'm doing reviews for are Dark Horse Books, Titan Books, Deadite Press, Dark Fuse Press, and Necro Publications.

See everyone soon.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

The change has started

Well as all can tell the change of this page has started. So that means there will be post for reviews again shortly!

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Change is Coming

Since I've been writing for Mass Movement Magazine since last year I have been reviewing more graphic novels than anything else, yet I'm starting to get more and more actual novels sent to me as well now which I have been loving completely. I'm getting ready to do my first actual interview with a director coming up which is going to be kinda weird since I went to school for journalism and it is now coming back into play years later. So I guess you can say that things have been going quite well.

Anyway, I was thinking about linking this page to my reviews over at Mass Movement so where this page will continue to have new content in a way.

Along with that I'll probably be changing the name of this blog to make it more professional in that respect as well so where if anybody comes looking for my work out of the blue the won't think they came to the wrong place.

Also does anybody out there know how to get hold of Sentai-Works or Section 23 Films. I've tried through their website to contact them and their internal email server sends you to a error page and the website for Section 23 has been under construction for what seems like the past 5 months. And they wont respond to messages on their Facebook page either.

Anyway thank you all for sticking around that still read this blog and see everyone again very soon!

Jason Bonton