Monday, January 20, 2014

A Change is Coming

Since I've been writing for Mass Movement Magazine since last year I have been reviewing more graphic novels than anything else, yet I'm starting to get more and more actual novels sent to me as well now which I have been loving completely. I'm getting ready to do my first actual interview with a director coming up which is going to be kinda weird since I went to school for journalism and it is now coming back into play years later. So I guess you can say that things have been going quite well.

Anyway, I was thinking about linking this page to my reviews over at Mass Movement so where this page will continue to have new content in a way.

Along with that I'll probably be changing the name of this blog to make it more professional in that respect as well so where if anybody comes looking for my work out of the blue the won't think they came to the wrong place.

Also does anybody out there know how to get hold of Sentai-Works or Section 23 Films. I've tried through their website to contact them and their internal email server sends you to a error page and the website for Section 23 has been under construction for what seems like the past 5 months. And they wont respond to messages on their Facebook page either.

Anyway thank you all for sticking around that still read this blog and see everyone again very soon!

Jason Bonton

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