Monday, October 17, 2011


Directed by Hiroyuki Tanaka

Jouji Nakata - Alucard
Yoshiko Sakakibara - Sir Integral Fairbroook Wingates Hellsing
Fumiko Orikasa - Seras Victoria

      The mission of Hellsing, that was founded by Abraham Van Helsing, is to protect Queen and Country from the undead and other supernatural forces of evil. Yet as the scale and frequency of incidents involving the undead escalate in England and all around the world, Sir Integra discovers that the remnants of a Nazi occult group called Millennium that wants to bring back into power the Third Reich by creating a battalion of vampires.

      As those that have been reading this blog know by now, I've talked about having a backlog of movies and films to watch. It ranges from sci-fi to martial arts to horror to anime. So needless to say, I won't be hurting for movies to review here. But somethings get put on the backburner sometimes, such as when a director contacts me about reviewing their film. Or when a newer movie is opening up, I tend to review those first just to try to stay somewhat current. So Hellsing: Ultimate OVA V is one of the ones that I've been sitting on for about a year now and I decided to go ahead and watch it.

     As this is the fifth volume of the series, those that don't really know what is going on will be completely lost as there is no rehash of what has gone on before. Yet the best way to put this volume for the first half of it is the quiet before the storm. Sir Hellsing is talking to the British military leaders about the invasion that is about to happen, to their dismay at that, and not quite getting through to them that England is in the greatest danger it has ever been in. This is after her servant, Alucard, has found out that the Millennium group has already put their own members into power in the military. All the while having to deal with veiled threats by the Vatican secret special forces, Section XIII Iscariot, to take care business or they'll take care of it for them.

     Back when anime was first really starting to become a big deal in the U.S. there was a movie called Fist Of The North Star that came out and had the moniker of the worlds first "splatter toon". I am happy to say that Hellsing: Ultimate carries on this proud moniker with ease considering that half of London is either blown to hell or is being eaten. The animation is smooth and more detailed than most other anime. The story will be confusing to anyone that hasn't watched the previous OVAs (Original Video Animation) or hasn't read the manga. But for the ones that have will love it considering that nothing is censored or considered to over the edge. Even the weird dream sequences Alucard has is left in due to his boredom while aboard a carrion ship that used to be naval battleship that he's modified to more his liking. Hellsing: Ultimate can almost be considered art with the look and feel throughout its short runtime, yet there is plenty that is happening to keep everyone enthralled.

     This one is hard to narrow down due to the last half is almost all bloodshed.

     Such as decapitation by wire,

     And by blade.

     You are all newborn, baby vampires, and I am in the business of destroying such vampires.

     The first four Hellsing: Ultimate OVAs were released in the States by the now defunct Geneon Entertainment.

      Hellsing: Ultimate is based directly on the Hellsing Manga.

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