Sunday, October 2, 2011


Directed by Thomas Nicol and Becky Griesheimer

     Night falls, shadows creep out, and the time has come for little Timmy to go to bed. But can he brave the ominous gaze of his closet door?

      When I reviewed Thomas Nicol's The Window Into Time last week, I mentioned that Nicol had a short film he directed with Becky Griesheimer that will be at Fantastic Fest this year. Well, he sent me a link to it so where I can watch and review it as well. So without anymore waiting, here's the review for it.

     There's something completely fun about this short that is just magical. Part of the reason for this is that it brings back memories of childhood and it's fears. I mean who wasn't afraid of having your closet open when trying to go to sleep at night ( I was), and how you kept thinking that something was in there once your room lights were turned off and it was almost pitch black. The smallest sound would send a chill down your spine and your mind would go into overdrive imaging imaginary monsters of the worst possible kind.  The other reason why this short is so fun is the simplicity of the idea and its execution.

       The sound design for the short is nicely done with just enough loudness to make it seem peaceful until the first of the door creaks to the rocking chair's slight tottering. The animation is fluid and fun to watch as only stop motion claymation can be. The story is well put together and to the point with no time wasted as well. I fell in love with everything about the short and the meanness to it that happens at the end as it is a shock and I wasn't expecting it all, which just pushed the short over to my loving it. Thank you Griesheimer and Nicol for creating something magical.

     I'm not going to tell, as it will ruin the fun of the short.

     Nope, nothing here as there isn't one line of dialogue spoken.

     Bedtime For Timmy won Best Animated Comedy at Dragon-Con this year.

     The short is also playing at Fantastic Fest this year.


  1. It's the best short I've seen since I started this blog. If you can find it, it's well worth the 3 minutes it takes to watch it!