Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Directed by Skip Shea

Aurora Grabill - Miss
Alexander Lewis - Peter Martell

    Peter Martell is a highly educated well-to-do young man with a lot of free time on his hands. He spends this time watching snuff films. One day he makes the bold decision to cross the line from observer to participant, aspiring to bring a philosophical element to his own kind of snuff films.

     Skip Shea sent me an email last week about a short he has out that called Microcinema. I have to say that I do like getting emails from directors about their work, short or long. I just hope that more directors get in touch with me about their work as I love seeing new films.

      I would have to say for the most part the short works reasonable well. The acting is decent from both actors that are in it as well. Alexander Lewis does a good job as someone that has watched to many torture porn movies and that has gone to his head. So he does what anyone with a serious mental health issue would do and that's to become a murderer himself and record it for prosperity.  As for Aurora Grabill, for the time she was on screen she did a good job. I really liked the last line she mentioned in the short as well. The audio was nicely done as was the sound effects toward the end.

     Yet if there is one thing that I think was overdone, it would be the rape scene. Now don't get me wrong, I think it was a nice twist to the short, and before the hate mail comes pouring in watch the short to know why I said what I did. I just think that it went on just a tad to long. Part of the reason why this scene works well though is because of the sound design which I mentioned before. For a short, this movie tries to be something different which I applaud Shea for trying, specially the twist at the end. Yet  there is something missing from it, and to me it would be a true ending. But for a short, it ends at a good point and leaves you wanting to see what happens after the victim is dragged away and that is something that not a lot new directors know how to do. Also I would love to know more about "Miss" as she was more interesting to me than Peter was.

     No one dies in this one, but Peter wishes he was dead though!

     I'm giving them the gift of release from the suffering that is life.

     Skip Shea has a uncredited role as a mental patient in Shutter Island.

     Shea has directed five short films, and has a sixth one coming out soon.

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