Tuesday, May 15, 2012


     It wouldn't be a week if I didn't have some Prometheus news it seems. This one is just a rumor still at the moment, but we might just get to see a very familiar face in the film at some point. I'll believe once I see it though.  Below is also a short video from the film of the Prometheus landing. It's not much but it's so beautifully shot and put together.


     In a bit of good news, NBC has decided to give the slow starting yet finally getting interesting series about a hunter of myths that's also a police detective a second season.


     Another interesting series that premiered last year that was on the bubble of being cancelled. Well I'm happy to say that this also was renewed for another season. After this past weekend's season final I really can't wait till the next season starts as it hinted at a much larger scale than what the first season was. A third season is going to be a tougher sale I think.


     This one I pretty much figured would be cancelled and it pretty much looks like it is.


     JeNee and I were on a trip with a couple of friends when we were showed an episode of Fringe and I fell in love with it then and there. And it looks like Fox likes the viewers of the multi-universe series enough to give it a 13 episode final season. Thank you for not screwing this series like you did Firefly!


     Then Fox goes and does something that makes no sense afterward and cancels one of the most interesting time drama I've seen since Life On Mars was on ABC. Even worse for this one is that the season ended on a cliffhanger.


     Coming back for an eighth season is the Winchester brothers. Only thing I have to say to this is "Good".


     The missing SyFy series will be back  finally in the fall after a extended time off. If you haven't watched this yet, it's a must watch.


     And in movie news also, the Wildstorm comic series from the 90's that was supposedly being turned into a film, might still be made (maybe, yet I'm not holding my breath for this to come to fruition). To see test footage that was shot for the film just look below. The reason why this is interesting is due to who might be directing the film which the poster gives away.

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