Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is something I might try to get into the habit of doing every every week or two, just putting down bits and information on films that are being made or coming out that I find interesting. Let me know what you think!

PROMETHEUS International release trailer pics:
     I'm going to let this one speak for itself with the pics below, but as you can tell I'm super hyped for this one while staying away form any spoilers.
A brand new alien

Is is just me or does the helmet look like it was melted by acid!


     I openly admit I'm a fan of Richard Stanley, even his less than excellent outings. Well Stanley, even though his work has been somewhat sparse over the last decade, is going to be having a slew of upcoming titles his name is attached to over the next couple years. The first is The Profane Exhibit which is in production right now. He is also working on the script for I Am Legion a horror war thriller directed by Nacho Cerda. He has also mentioned that he's working on a project based around one of  Lovecraft's stories.


     This film popped up last year as it was starting production and now the poster for it has been released. The story is about the Australian military doing experiments and the facility comes under attack from unknown forces. The military sends in a elite force to find out what happened and somehow make it out alive once they find out more was going on there than should have been. Sounds like it can be fun.


     The third Riddick movie has finished shooting and is being prepped for a release early next year, and from Vin Diesel has mentioned about it the studio is setting it's sights on a possible franchise starting with this one. What you mean a third film in a series isn't a franchise?????

     The third and final trailer for Nolan's Batman trilogy is now out and with this one it seems like Nolan's going for the terrorist angle for it. Another film I can't wait to see.


     The remake of Oldboy is going on ahead and they have cast the lead for it finally. The honor of getting to fight in a crowded corridor and being completely bad-ass goes to Sharlto Copley.


     J.J. Abrams second Trek outing is still going strong in production with rumors finally becoming fact. Yes Khan Noonian Singh is in it as played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Klingons will make an actual appearance compared to just being talked about like in the first one. Also Leonard Nimoy will reprise his role as Old Spock.


     Aziz Ansari, Seth Rogen, and Jay Baruchel's My Apocalypse, about what else but the end of the world, has a name change and more cast joining in, all playing themselves. Part of the reason why the film is being made is because the creator's of Freaks and Geeks wanted to try and get the original cast back together for a project. Emma Watson has joined the cast as well.

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