Wednesday, January 18, 2012


     I've tried to stay away from talking about anything political on this blog as it's for movies. Yet with the proposed bills of SOPA and PIPA, this site probably would have to be taken down. Not because of my reviewing movies, but because of my opinion of them.

     Let me try to explain. Even though SOPA and PIPA are "supposed" to be about piracy, it's about the control of information only. That is the basis of both bills. If someone in power doesn't like what you have to say about their property, or if you use the words "We're sorry" in your online writing or blog, the people in charge can shut down your site and put you in jail for 5 years.

     Yes, the words "We're sorry" can land you in jail if these two stupid bills pass due to someone actually copyrighted those words together.

     Below is sites you can go to to understand more what these bills can actually do to harm the internet. Also, contact you're congressman and representatives in Washington and tell them to not back these idiotic bills.

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