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Directed by Jeremiah Kipp

     It was in January of 2011 and this blog you're reading now was only in it's third month of being around. I was trying to get the format of it down and trying different things with it to get it more streamlined. Then I got my first email from a director. That director was Jeremiah Kipp and he asked me if I wanted to review his short film Contact (which you can read by clicking the link. Be warned though I was pretty rough at writing still). Well a little over a year later Kipp contacted me again and asked if I wanted to review three more of his short films. Of course I said yes to this.


Deneen Melody - Lo
Michael Partipilo - Jason
Nikki Watson - Tara

     When Lo has her life come crashing down on top of her, she makes the impulsive decision to end her own life.

     Crestfallen is a very somber piece about life and death to put it simply. Yet this hardly does the short justice. Deneen Melody, who plays Lo, shows very powerful emotions without saying a word, yet her expressions explain everything that needs to be understood about why she makes the decisions she does. Kipp handles the story matter very seriously and with care that shows experience on how to shoot something without it becoming overly dramatic and in return becoming a joke. The short film is helped by the score with every defining moment accentuated which in turn makes it more powerful. Even though the short is powerful, it becomes truly moving at the end when Lo makes a second decision after seeing her life slip away.

EASY PREY (2011)

Pete Barker - Lucius
Mackenzie Christine Hawkins - Victoria

     An old man is seeking a way out but not in the usual way.

      Here's a nice little divergence after watching Kipp's previous offering. In this one there's a childlike enthusiasm between the two leads played by Pete Barker and Mackenzie Christine Hawkins. Yes, part of this is shown by showing them as kids, but it's the older actors that make this point the most clear.  Pete Barker as Lucius helped tremendously as he knows how to emote the wonder that was something new and wonderful, after being so racked with sorrow and regret from a long life lived to be giving a gift that erases all of it. The only real hit against this short is Mackenzie Christine Hawkins as Victoria. The reason why I mention this is just that at one point in the story it looks like Hawkins is supposed to smile yet it plays off as just more whatever. Other than this she actually does a good job. Easy Prey is not a bad short film specially toward the end as the deal Lucius wanted isn't what he got and Victoria knows this.  While it is a interesting story, the comedic part of it falls a little flat.


Laura Lona
Brian Uhrich

   It's best just to decide for yourself. 

     The best thing I can put about this short is that it would have fit in perfectly with a previous review for an anthology movie that was bizarre. And this short is very bizarre indeed. While Drool is a silent film it peaks volumes if you let it about sexuality and want. The want is shown from two separate perspectives. The first is from Laura Lona's character and the lust she feels toward man. Even though she wants, she doesn't feel the need to go past flirtation. The second perspective is from the male played by Brian Uhrich. This is when the short becomes rough to watch. While the female is content to play around, the male wants more even when the female doesn't. This is an experimental short that will have the viewer making up their own mind and feelings on what is going on. This is stark and vivid at the same time as well as disgusting. But it is also, to me, true horror.

     Lo's loss of faith.

     I'm sorry Wilma. I love you, but not enough to spend eternity with you.

     For Nerd Remix's Best of 2011, out of 54 films reviewed, Crestfallen was awarded Best Cinematography, Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Short.

     Tara Parian wrote the script for Easy Prey.

     Jeremiah Kipp has directed seven short films with a eighth being directed at the moment.

     The music for Crestfallen was done by Harry Manfredini.


25-63 48
th Street #B2 · Astoria, NY 11103
(917) 586-0586 ·
Imaginative Writer and Director with over 10 years experience creating narrative films.
Proven ability to provide the highest level of visual direction, story development, and work with actors.
* Fate
(2012) Music Video. Director. Aaron David Gleason (Artist).
* Drool
(2011) Experimental. Director. Mandragoras Project.
* Easy Prey
(2011) Narrative. Director. Visionfest 5x5 Program.
* Delusion
(2011) International Trailer (USA/Hungary). Director. TreeFa Films.
* Serial School
(2011) Trailer. Director. Paul Pastore Productions.
* The Sadist
(2010) Narrative. Director. Big Caper Films. Starring Tom Savini.
* Crestfallen
(2010) Narrative. Director. Russell Penning Productions.
* Contact
(2009) Narrative. Director. Sinister Six Productions.
* BN4 REAL (Comedy Web Series – 3 Episodes)
(2009) Web Series. Director. Being For Real Productions.
* The Pod
(2006) Narrative. Director. Kipp Miller Productions.
* Disappearing Act
(2005) Narrative. Director. Two Jays Productions.
* The Apartment
(2004) Narrative. Director. Canon/Blue Barn Productions.
First narrative short film shot with Canon XL2; used in Canon's DVD demo reel; premiered at DV Expo.
* The Christmas Party
(2003) Narrative. Director. Kipp Miller Productions.
* Snapshot
(2002) Narrative. Director. Kipp Miller Productions.
(2001) Narrative. Director. Breakfast Club Productions.
* Hamlet.
(2001) Experimental. Director. Sunday Club Productions.
* Near To You
(2000) Narrative. Director. Sunday Club Productions.
*Richard III
(1998) Narrative. Director, Bravo Network.
* Forest of Dreams
(1996) Narrative. Director. NYU Thesis Film.

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