Monday, January 3, 2011

Top Movies of 2010

My top movies I saw last year are as follows.

1. Black Swan - No words can really describe how messed up and beautifully dark this movie is. Go ahead and do yourselves a favor and go and see it already!

2. Inception - Simply amazing on every level and it makes you think to boot. Shocker there, a movie from Hollywood that makes you think. Close to being my first pick of the year except Black Swan stays with, and not in a good way. Also out Bonds James Bond!

3. Scott Pilgrim VS. The World - Just go and watch it already if you haven't. You'll never have as much fun watching a asshole again!

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - The Potter films grow up and so does the acting.

5. Despicable Me - Just fun all the way through. "Yes! Mine's shaped like a dead guy!"

6. Shutter Island - Even though I figured out what was going on halfway through the movie, the grimy and decrepit atmosphere more than made up for it. Not to mention DiCaprio did pretty good in it.

7. Kick-Ass -  What a fun, violent, and unapologetic movie. Even though I did like the comic more.

8. Red - Loved this movie, and laughed all the way through it. Malkovich is great as the paranoid in this movie.

9. From Paris With Love - Travolta was so much fun to watch in this. He made and owned this movie.

10. How To Train Your Dragon - The story of the oddball does good. Understated in parts parts but full of heart. Besides the dragon reminds me of a cat.

Now the worst movie I saw all year has to be...............

In Search Of Lovecraft

What a piece of shit this movie was. Nuff said!

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