Monday, January 17, 2011


Directed by Michel Gondry

Seth Rogen - Britt Reid/The Green Hornet
Jay Chou - Kato
Christoph Waltz - Chudnofsky

     After the death of his father, Britt Reid becomes the publisher of The Daily Sentinel and his father's substantial assets. After firing almost the complete staffing of his estate, one of the ones that is left is Kato, who happens to be a amazing engineer and martial arts master. It is after foiling a robbery that Britt and Kato decide to pose as criminals to fight crime.

     I'm trying to think of the best way to start this review and I'm not having very much luck. I didn't know much about the story past what I learned from watching the 1960s TV series with Bruce Lee and Van Williams which wasn't as cheesy as one might expect for the time as it was played straight unlike how Batman was made during that time. I must say that I actually liked the TV series more than I should. In that series Britt is actually a above average detective who, with the help of Kato, fights crime while having help from the D.A. and secretary Lenore "Casey" Case. Yet this isn't a review of the TV show, it's a review of the movie and what I thought of it. So what did I think of the movie?

     I wasn't really that impressed through most of it. The main reason for this is Seth Rogen's Britt Reid. Now Rogen has never played a genius before in any movie, and yet I liked him in all the comedies I've seen him be part of. But in this movie he just plays a complete moron through most of it, good intentioned and an ass, but dumb and someone I wanted to strangle every time he opened his mouth. Most of the movies I've seen him in he plays the slacker/stoner in comedic roles that are so similar that you might think that his character from The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked up are the same. I'm not saying that Rogen is the worst actor in the world, it's just that to me, he doesn't have the range yet or he hasn't found the director to really push him out of his school boy humor mode to play a role like this yet. That's not to say Rogen doesn't do good in his role, it just takes to long to get there where you actually see a character progression, growth, and maturity and only in the last 15 minutes of the movie. As a side note his performance that really should be mentioned, instead of talking he screams his way through most of the movie which get's annoying after the second time he does it.

     Now Christoph Waltz's character in the movie had me confused as when you first see him he's supposed to be the boss of the underworld but comes off meek and quiet. Is this really the same guy that was in Inglorious Basterds, this man that looks like he's about to break out in tears at a moments notice. I know that Waltz has charisma, it shined like a lighthouse in Basterds, but here, it's like watching a firefly at a distance. Most protagonists are defined by their antogonist,, but hell a five year old wouldn't be afraid of Chudnofsky or Bloodnofsky, as he calls himself at the end of the movie cause he's wearing a  blood red jacket and he thinks it will make him scary. Yeah, real scary. But then again Waltz's character has issues as he's insecure and to overly concerned what others think of him to much, yet I could have cared less. I can easily say the same for Cameron Diaz's Lenore Case. The first time you see her on screen is the way you always see her on screen for most of her roles, comes into a room, stops, then smiles with no worries or cares. Just plain boring. Which is what I felt through most of the movie.

     That's not to say the whole movie is bad. One of the best parts of the movie is Jay Chou's portrayal of Kato. It might be because he deadpans the whole way through the movie, but the movie could have been called Kato and did just as well as the only person I really did care about in the movie was Kato. Or it could be that he actually was in all the interesting scenes or was just more interesting due to the fact that he wasn't trying to make jokes or act like an ass throughout the whole movie or laugh at his own jokes he tells. He also seemed the most fallible out of everyone in the movie as he shows he's jealous, can't swim, and doesn't like how Britt is always overshadowing him but yet the story doesn't help his character evolve anymore than what was shown. Now while Michel Gondry does try to do a good job with the movie, and in his own style that he's known for, he just doesn't fully pull it off as the movie seems like it's directed by two different people at times. During the action scenes the camera is fluid, even though the action does get lost sometimes it's not for long. While during the non action parts of the movie the camera is static and unmoving usually set to a wide angle where it can catch all the people at one time. While the movie was supposed to be fun, I found it to be just kinda "meh". That's the best I can put it as the end of the movie was best part where everything happens almost at one time but yet after spending an hour and forty minutes with these characters being inept, I still didn't feel anything for them. So if you're looking for a brainless action movie this would fit the bill for that as there is no character progression for the most part and what the bad guys do is even told to you even before it happens, which pulls the surprises for those scenes away from the viewer and treats us like idiots. So if you can deal with all the flaws this would be the movie for you.

      The Black Beauty when it goes out of 10th story of The Daily Sentinel which a passenger on the front of the car and we go along for the ride.

     I'll go with you, but I don't want to touch you.

     This is Seth Rogen's first live action movie not rated "R".

     In the original radio programs, Britt Reid is the grandenephew of the John Reid, the Lone Ranger.

     Seth Rogen lost over 30 pounds for his role.

     Seth Rogen also helped write the script for the movie with Evan Goldberg.

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