Saturday, December 17, 2011


Directed by Phil Tippett

William Elder-Groebe - (Voice)

     As the sun goes down in the dark and terrifying Mutantland, hunters are lured into a forbidden zone in their quest for food only to find themselves candidates for the main course.

      I know it's been a while since I last did a review, and for those that have sent me links for movies to review I apologize for not getting to them sooner. Well as you can tell I'm back and I'm getting back to it watching good, bad, and terrible movies. The good thing is is that I'm still not going to be nice if a movie sucks. But, if a movie is good I will sing it's praises. A great movie to me is one that makes me feel something, whether it be sadness, complete shock, or just makes me laugh till I cry (comidies for me are the hardest to watch sometimes due to me growing up in the 80's). So for my first foray back it's a animated short film.

     I always had a soft spot for animation in general. From classic Bugs Bunny to old Mickey Mouse (not the new crap Disney calls cartoons that have no soul or fun in it.) One of the best things about those old cartoons is that the setting is simple and you knew right away what it was or where it was without really knowing. Mutant Land has that going for it in spades as the story, while simple, speaks volumes. There is only two lines of dialogue in the whole four minutes of running time. What is spoken is simple and to the point.

     As for the animation itself is very fluid. While the what I can see as humans are hidden under protective gear the true treat of this short are the mutants in all sizes and shapes. From the cute hairless rabbit, to what I can only describe as the mother of all giant mutant rabbits with bad, no scratch that, the worst case of skin problems I've seen. While the short is dark (in tone) and nihilistic, there is something missing from it. While I applaud Mr. Tippett for putting this out, it just leaves you wanting more as you want to see what caused the world in the short to happen and how things got so messed up. And where all those wonderful creatures came from. Mutant Land is a quick and fast watch that sets you in a world that's dirty and scarred and just fun but leaves you kinda empty.

     The main course of the last hunter.

     Welcome to dinner!

     You can watch the short over at Just click the link and you'll be taken there.

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