Saturday, March 26, 2011


     To celebrate the blog hitting 1,000 hits I'm running a contest to win a Region 1 DVD NTSC copy of IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS. Before I get to the questions to win it. I have to put down the legal stuff to stay out of trouble. So here it goes.......

The contest is open for North American residences only. This does include Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Must be 18 years or older to enter. By entering you are digitally signing that you ARE 18 or older.

     Okay that boring stuff is over with.

     Now I'm not just going to give the DVD away, you have to answer one question, and the first Email I receive with the correct answers will win. The question is:

1. Name all 7 Sutter Cane novels in the movie.

Send your email to:

Do not forget to put your real name, and your email address in the email so where I can get in contact with whoever wins so I can  get your shipping address. Your email and addresses will not be giving out to anyone.

Thank you all again reading my rants and raves about movies so far and hopefully I'll be doing this for a while.



  1. crap that's not far... i want to see the film for the first time...

  2. Sorry, iZombie. But if no one sends the winning answer by Wednesday, I'm making the contest international.