Sunday, December 5, 2010


Directed by Jose Mojica Marins

Jose Mojica Marins - Ze do Caixao
Magda Mei - Terezinha
Nivaldo Lima - Antônio

      Ze do Caixao is a undertaker in a small town and has complete disrespect for everything and everyone and is looking for a mate to carry on his name.

     Going into this movie I had no idea what to expect or really no concept what the "Coffin Joe" (Ze do Caixao) character was about and in the long run that actually helped me enjoy the movie more. I didn't have any expectations before watching the movie. Sometimes, like now, that's a good thing.

     I can see why the Coffin Joe films are so popular (there's three total main films with multiple appreances in other films and tv), the character is just pure evil and he's so much fun to watch while he's doing it (save for the close up of his eyes changing). From mocking people's beliefs to maiming a bad card player, the character is just a joy and commands attention. All this can be attributed to Jose Mojica Marins. While Marins does overdo it a bit and hams it up, it's when plays it down that it really draws your attention. as for when he plays it down, it's when there's killing to do, and Joe is ready for it, and reveling in it, enjoying the pain he's inflicting on others. There's just one scene in the movie that Coffin Joe shows any humanity and that's when he stops a dad from beating his son, due to the fact that Coffin Joe sees children as the heir to the parents blood and legacy. Now the scene doesn't last long, but it just goes to show the one true weakness he has. Then he goes about and kills and hurts some more. Fun. 

     Now while there are other actors in the movie, most are just in the background or are a plot device to further Joe's story along. They do a good job of what they do, but Marins just outplays them all the way, except for a scene with Magda Mei after he forces himself upon her. She plays it with a solemness that just shines in this movie when her character tells Joe she's going to kill herself and haunt his ass. To bad she ruins this with that laugh out loud face she makes when you see her hanging from the ceiling. I can't explain it, you just have to see for yourself. Of course Joe just laughs this off, then we get to laugh at him toward the end of the movie, but I won't spoil that. The one scene that truly sticks out in the movie though is after Joe kills his wife, his best friend and after his fiance kills herself. He just goes nuts asking for Heaven or Hell to strike him down for what he has done or for the earth to swallow him to take him to Hell. You get to see Joe's insanity and his willingness to die. When he isn't struck down, he believes himself to be all powerful and no one will stand in his way or what he wants to do. Marins hams it up during this, but it's so fun and chaotic you actually kinda cheer for him. 

     While I can easily pick apart this movie with the scenes or sound, I'm not going to just because I had too much fun watching the movie. From the bad special effects, to the horrible thunder crashing type sound, it just kinda went to the background, cause my attention was on Marins performance of Joe and the embodiment of evil that he is (that's also the name of the last Coffin Joe film released in 2008). The movie is just brooding and surreal. I was sucked into this world with ease and I enjoyed my time there and the movie. Now it's not perfect, nor will it ever be on any top 10 list (hell for that matter, top 40), but I enjoyed the movie all the way through. Now if only I could just get the 2nd movie, This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse from Nexflix.

     Even though his death happens from fire, I'm making an exception this time for the slow double eye gouge of the Dr. Rodolfo. Loved the after effect of it!! Watch the movie and you'll see what I mean!

     You agonize because you can't scream.

     Marins sold his house and car to finance the film.

     Except for the cemetery scenes, the entire movie was filmed in a 600 square yard area indoors.

    The crew refused to shoot a scene because there wasn't enough sunlight. Director 'Jose Mojica Marins' forced them to shoot the scene by pointing a gun at the cameraman. Marins claims still to this day that it was a movie prop.

     Marins' played the main role when the original actor quit.  

     The film was banned over and over again in Brazil not due to the violence, but because the main character was so blasphemous (Brazil is 99% hard Roman Catholic country).

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