Monday, November 8, 2010

Coming Attractions

Fitting title I would say for what this is going to be (hopefully).

Awhile back I had the hair-brained idea to do a website where I post my thoughts on movies. About what I thought of them, liked or disliked in it and such. Well the website never happened as everyone can tell.

Well recently I've been looking over the DVDs I have (I don't even want to count them so I'll just say over 700, but it's probably more than that) and a good portion of them I haven't even watched yet.

Which is why I'm making this blog. To get my ass in gear and start going through them and watching them.

So what movies am I going to be writing about? Basically anything having to deal with horror, anime, thillers, foreign, weird, or any movie that I feel like.....

But mostly horror.

So hows it going to be set up? hopefully with the movie poster at the top of the page, then the plot synopsis, my thoughts of the movie. Then the fun stuff ( I think so at least). Best line in the movie (to me), best kill (whenever possible), and if I can find it, either the trailer or a clip from the movie.

Well now that you know what's going to happen here hopefully people will come back and check it out weekly or maybe sometimes more than that.

This was the best part of that whole damn movie......awesome song also!!!!

And it starts!!!!!


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